Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monthly Contest- Free Prize

Everyone loves a contest and it's even more fun with a great prize. this month's Trashy side contest is to come up with the best use for an empty plastic gallon milk jug. In my family there is an abundance of them since we drink a gallon every day. We really need our own cow. The neighbors have some but they are those mean ones with horns and they don't really appreciate you trying to milk them. Anyway I have a great prize (very green of course) made by a very special artisan in the lovely state of Connecticut. So put on your thinking caps and no, that doesn't count as a use for a milk jug and send me your best ideas, I'll post them throughout the month along with a free pattern for my recycled milk jug.Don't forget pics if you have them.

1 comment:

  1. Enter me!! Here's my idea:

    How to Make a Free Bird Seed Scoop