Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret to confess- I am a middle-class mom to 5 children, 4 who are under 7...You wouldn't know it to look at me, I LOOK pretty normal.But here it is- I am A dumpster Diving, thrift store shopping fanatic. I've even been known to shell out a few bucks to neighbor kid's to go down the road and schlepp back a piece of discarded ratty furniture so no one sees me do it. Oh and god help the car following me too closely when I spot one of those shining flourescent beacons beckoning me to a yard sale. Hop in the car with me and join me on the journey to make old things new again-Hideous clothes, you may wonder "What were they thinking?" I'm trying to judge whether that sleeve will fit over my daughters head when it becomes a new hat. Rickety chair left forgotten on the side of the road while life whizzes by-Screech! in the back of the truck you go... Hurry up and get in the flea market opens at Sunrise


  1. Hey! I saw you list your blog at Ehow (I'm lynnhsmomof2 from the forum). I wanted to let you know that there is a new law going into affect that may really harm thrift stores and resale stores. Basically, from what I have read it will be illegal for them to sell any children's products that have not undergone testing and most of the places (thrift shops and resale shops) say they will not be able to afford the testing of products. You can read more about it at my two blogs: and

    Btw... I really like your blog! Great job on it.

  2. I also saw the link to your blog at eHow. I love you take on life! Thrift Stores, Salvation Army and 2nd hand stores all hold wonderful items just waiting for new life! Love this blog!

  3. I also LOVE 'Treasure Hunting!' to help source my creative side :) Sewing, crafting, glue gunning plus canning, gardening etc ... there is just so much good stuff out there to buy ~new~ ... so buy new2u :)