Sunday, November 14, 2010

Auburn University Machine embroidery Design

Auburn University digitized logo for machine embroidery machines.
This design is to be used on an embroidery machine. You must have an embroidery machine and the ability to transfer files to your machine to use this design. It is NOT a patch.

*Auburn University logo design measures 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"

Available in the following formats:


If you need another format, please let me know. Files emailed shortly after payment is received, if you do not see it within a couple of hours please check your spam box.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Halloween Machine Embroidery

During the month of October if you leave me a convo with your e-mail address over @ HotDoggies I will send you this free machine embroidery design of oh so cute Hallowen candy corn- Be sure to tell me in your message what format you would like. Be sure to take advantage of my Buy 2 get 1 free sale while you are there. Click on the candy corn to head on over.I promise not to use your e-mail address for anything else, I hate spam too but I LOVE free embroidery designs!!

Free Machine Embroidery Design -Anime Tiger

Although I am really known for my college and football machine embroidery designs occasionally I like to play around with digitizing something just becase it's pretty darn cute! Here's a free machine embroidery design for y'all- an aime tiger. You can find the rest of the anime machine embroidery over @ HotDoggies for a really affordable price! The anime lion is so cute on baby bibs and onesies.

Download animetiger.pes from

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Machine Embroidery Design

Urban Threads has put up their new freebie for the month! I love their designs, they tend to be a little on the dark gothic side but skulls and tattoo designs are hugely popular right now. This months free design is a bit steampunk-I Read Banned Books. I know once you see the quality of their stitch out you'll be back for more, I know I'm addicted to them and not just their free machine embroidery designs that change monthly BTW. Find Urban Threads free machine embroidery designs here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Auburn Tigers Machine Embroidery Design

Auburn University must be a really popular college. The Auburn machine embroidery designs I digitized for my Etsy store have been my most popular item lately outselling everything else in the store. I am also running a Buy 2 get One Free Machine Embroidery Design sale so now is a great time to pick up all 3 Auburn Tigers embroidery designs for a great price. Here's some pics of all three designs, click on any of the Auburn designs and it will take you to mjy store. The Auburn machine embroidery designs start at only $1.99!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What can you make with Upholstery Remnants?

A couple of friends of mine called the other day to tell me they had some fabric to give me. Woo Hoo! I love free fabric. However when they showed up they were carrying in bags of upholstery samples. I was kinda disappointed since I'd had visions of brightly colored cottons in my head but I didn't tell them that since I want them to call anytime they have free fabric-you never know.
Anyhoo here I am with all of these squares of mostly brown textured fabrics not even as big as a quilter's fat quarter so I started googling what to do with upholstery fabric remnants. Not much, your usual purses, wallets eyeglass cases interesting but not creative enough.
I turned to my beloved Etsy in search of some inspiration and found some really lovely fabric journal covers-I had my idea! Off to Wally World where I knew they still had school supplies on sale and scooped up a whole pile of composition books at a mere quarter a piece. The fabric makes the covers super durable and the neutral colors lend themselves well to endless ideas for journal covers. The neatest thing about these fabric journal covers is that when you finish writing on all the pages you simply insert a new composition book into your fabric journal cover.

Here is a couple of the fabric journal covers I made and another pic of the owl journal I listed @ HotDoggies. You can order a custom cover while you are there too. They make great gifts and you can have them monogrammed, instead of notes how about a journal cover with Sisters or Friends?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Placemats

One of the items I want to offer in my Etsy store is dog placemats. I know my dog gets her food EVERYWHERE when she is picking out the tiny bits she DOES want to eat. I did some searching on Google to see what was available. This is the version of the dog placemat that I am currently offering at HotDoggies

I make these from a large stash of tapestry weight fabric I found on one of my thrift store trips. I love the fabric because it has a sheen to it that you can just wipe off small spills. You can get almost any kind of dog breed, just let me know. The black paisley print on this dog placemat is gorgeous. But in my quest to make an even cuter dog placemat I found this one that I really like the looks of:
The problem with this dog placemat is that it is made from laminated paper and I really like the idea of being to throw them in the wash when they get really messy so today's project is going to be trying to replicate this placemat in fabric, Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Etsy Shop Banner

As I mentioned before I recently opened a new Etsy shop- Hot Doggies. For those of you that don't know Etsy is all about handmade things both buying and selling. I think it's a million times better than Ebay because it is targeting an audience specifically shopping for handmade items. It's a lot of work, I love the crafting part, no problem there but one thing I found out is I am horrible at making an Etsy Banner. Here's what mine looked like after a whole day's work:

It's an Etsy Banner all right, right size , cute baby, name of shop but it looks like my three year old drew it. I needed some help with a professional looking Etsy banner so I turned to this really cool section of Etsy called Alchemy. Alchemy is a part of Etsy where anyone can put in a request for an item they want made and recieve bids on it. So in the interest of having an Etsy banner that people weren't going to laugh at, that's what I did and I immediately started recieving bids and samples from some really talented artists. It was hard to choose but I went with a lady from a business called Kaiyo Design. She did a wonderful job, even with my picky revisions. Kaiyo Designs worked with me until I had exactly what I wanted. Here is my new Etsy Banner for my new shop:

I love it! To see more of Kaiyo Design and get your own Etsy Banner go here, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcycled T-Shirt- The Great Caper

Ordinarily I would head to my local Goodwill outlet store where you can buy clothes by the pound, ugly ones but hey, isnt that the point of upcycling but money has been pretty tight this week o.k. non-existent so I have to resort to

stealing T-shirts from sleeping or working family members. This is DD Lyndsey who already knows I'm searching for T-shirts to cut up and upcycle into cute hats. Silly Lyndsey did you not think I would resort to getting up @ 3 a.m. to search your closet? Here is a pic of my plunder, Hopefully DH doesn't read my blog cause I am starting with one of his t-shirts. It's not like Aeropostle is never going to make another t-shirt right?

After reading the tutorial on upcycled t-shirt hats from Second Street again. I put together the tools for my crime.These are pretty technical especially the bowl and the paper measuring strip I cut from a roll of contact paper but you can pretty much buy anything on ebay these days.

Attempt #1= FAIL!! I did a couple of things differently than the tutorial, wasn't a fan of the exposed seams so I made my

t-shirt hat in two sections and used one for lining. I also wanted a stiffer bill so I slipped a piece of plastic canvas between the two interfacing pieces, this worked fantastic! OOps DH came home to get something he forgot had to take a break and hide the evidence since I was using his shirt first- He is very understanding about stepping on pins and trailing bits of thread everywhere he goes but cutting up his clothes is probably a deal breaker. And yes I know he's hot but unless you live in Charleston he will not be coming to fix your air conditioning.

I used this New York T-shirt for attempt #1-

I made the dumb mistake of forgetting to leave an opening to turn it so rrrripppp a couple of seams. A couple of things I also learned were to make sure your strips are long enough or the top of the hat puckers like a prarie bonnet. Second thing was don't let the bill stick out too far or..

Your hat ends up looking like this and unless the Yankees are thinking of changing their name to the New York Ducks, this is not going to work so back to the sewing machine..

Here is my finished upcycled t-shirt modeled by the beautiful Lyndsey who is totally unaware that she is wearing one of her favorite pink T-shirts on her cute wittle head!

You can find this and other upcycled T-shirt hats here.

This was so much fun, Thanks again for the great tutorial Second Street! Stay tuned for what's next!

Repentant Blogger

Oh my Goodness, I cannot believe a year and a half has gone by since I've seen this blog, much less posted on it. Like many other things you tell yourself you are going to stay dedicated, work on it every week (excercise comes to mind) then it just kind of goes to the wayside as other things in your life intrude and kind of push it out of the way. Well I'm back- I'm at a great place in my life now I'm only working a few days a week leaving me plenty of time to get crafty. I've opened up an etsy store that will soon be filled with great stuff both upcycled and new. Upcycling is my new passion. Daughter Lyndsey hides her clothes so they don't get made into baby shoes but really How cute are these baby booties made from a vintage cutter quilt? I love them and they are so warm and cozy! Today's upcycling project, after coffee of course is this really cool hat project made from upcycling t-shirts. After all that worrying about me cutting up her clothes DD Lyndsey actually sent me the link to this incredibly crafty lady over at Second Street who shares a great tutorial for making these upcycled hats. Family- hide your favorite t-shirts Momma's crafting!! I'll post some pics of the finished goodies later on.