Monday, January 12, 2009

Make A Denim Rag Quilt From Old Jeans

Jeans are a hard thing to throw away. No matter how stained and holey they are they are like old friends, you just can't bear to throw them away. But sadly there comes a day when they become unwearable. With just basic sewing skill you can turn those beloved old jeans into a treasured quilt either for yourself or a favorite teenager in your life-Read More:


  1. What is it about those jeans? We can't bear to part with em. This is a great way to hang on to those treasures for a useful, cool looking quilt!

  2. My husband made one of these out of his old childhood/teen years jeans (and some borrowed from his sisters also). He started it before we were married and finished about a year ago - it's so cozy and warm! He managed to make it large enough to be a quilt for our queen sized bed! Denim blankets are a great way to keep warm and reuse ALL those old jeans we can't bear to part with!