Monday, September 13, 2010

What can you make with Upholstery Remnants?

A couple of friends of mine called the other day to tell me they had some fabric to give me. Woo Hoo! I love free fabric. However when they showed up they were carrying in bags of upholstery samples. I was kinda disappointed since I'd had visions of brightly colored cottons in my head but I didn't tell them that since I want them to call anytime they have free fabric-you never know.
Anyhoo here I am with all of these squares of mostly brown textured fabrics not even as big as a quilter's fat quarter so I started googling what to do with upholstery fabric remnants. Not much, your usual purses, wallets eyeglass cases interesting but not creative enough.
I turned to my beloved Etsy in search of some inspiration and found some really lovely fabric journal covers-I had my idea! Off to Wally World where I knew they still had school supplies on sale and scooped up a whole pile of composition books at a mere quarter a piece. The fabric makes the covers super durable and the neutral colors lend themselves well to endless ideas for journal covers. The neatest thing about these fabric journal covers is that when you finish writing on all the pages you simply insert a new composition book into your fabric journal cover.

Here is a couple of the fabric journal covers I made and another pic of the owl journal I listed @ HotDoggies. You can order a custom cover while you are there too. They make great gifts and you can have them monogrammed, instead of notes how about a journal cover with Sisters or Friends?

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