Thursday, July 29, 2010

Repentant Blogger

Oh my Goodness, I cannot believe a year and a half has gone by since I've seen this blog, much less posted on it. Like many other things you tell yourself you are going to stay dedicated, work on it every week (excercise comes to mind) then it just kind of goes to the wayside as other things in your life intrude and kind of push it out of the way. Well I'm back- I'm at a great place in my life now I'm only working a few days a week leaving me plenty of time to get crafty. I've opened up an etsy store that will soon be filled with great stuff both upcycled and new. Upcycling is my new passion. Daughter Lyndsey hides her clothes so they don't get made into baby shoes but really How cute are these baby booties made from a vintage cutter quilt? I love them and they are so warm and cozy! Today's upcycling project, after coffee of course is this really cool hat project made from upcycling t-shirts. After all that worrying about me cutting up her clothes DD Lyndsey actually sent me the link to this incredibly crafty lady over at Second Street who shares a great tutorial for making these upcycled hats. Family- hide your favorite t-shirts Momma's crafting!! I'll post some pics of the finished goodies later on.

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